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Can You Hear the TNT Tonight?
"William and Friends"
"Can You Hear the TNT Tonight?"
    It was the beginning of the afternoon in Minecraftia and it was a calm day so far at William's house. Ted and Zef were in front of the house playing rock paper scissors. So far, Ted was winning, much to Zef's sadness.
    "Aww Ted, how do you keep winning all the time?" asked Zef.
    Ted chuckled and said with a smile, "You always pick rock. No wonder I always get a pretty good idea how to beat you at this game. Try picking paper or scissors sometimes."
    "But I love picking rock! It reminds me of the time we used to live in caves at daytime before we met William. It wasn't always comfortable but I loved exploring caves. Even if it was scary inside..." Zef said shivering at the last sentence. Ted chuckled at his reaction.
    "Well, my dear brother, if you want I can ask William if the whole group can go explore some of the caves that are spread around in the forest when we'll
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Hello visitors,

If you want to know more about me, I will introduce myself. I am 21 years old and I am French.
My main activity on deviantART is to create comics and wallpapers in the Minecraft dimension by using Mine-Imator and Paint.NET.
My comics are based on the themes of adventure, action, suspense and humor sometimes.

What is Mine-Imator?

It's a free to use program created by David Norgren that allows you to make Minecraft animations easier. I use them to make my wallpapers and my comics.

What is Paint.NET?

It's a free to use program that allows you to create or edit any art and image.

My closest friends:

:iconmariosonicfan16: :iconberry-o-pokemob: :iconseriblaze: :iconpyrovip:

My favorite ships:

Minecraft: Story Mode
M!Jesse/Petra stamp by StampsMCSM F!Jesse/Lukas stamp by StampsMCSM Haprep/Ivor stamp by StampsMCSM Ellie/Magnus stamp by StampsMCSM Maya/Aiden stamp by StampsMCSM Reuben/Benedict stamp by StampsMCSM Mevia X Hadrian stamp by StampsMCSM The Admin x Stella by StampsMCSM
The Walking Dead (Game Series)
Gabentine Stamp (F2U) by extraterrestriaI
LeeEverett  TheWalkingDead by SamThePenetrator X Carley  TheWalkingDead by SamThePenetrator
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2
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I love Francis Stamp: L4D by KikiLime X I love Rochelle Stamp: L4D2 by KikiLime
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonamy stamp by migueruchan TailsXCream Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist
UT: Frisk x Asriel by Reykholtz UT: Undyne x Alphys by Reykholtz Toriel x Asgore Stamp by xioccolate
jack and sally stamp by gothicmermaid13 I support Wall-E  x EV-E by googlememan
Hey everyone.

I'm writing this journal for an announcement, and the title says it all: me and my family are moving house on December 15.
We're moving house because we're trying to get closer to our relatives. Where we actually live, we're at 8-10 hours away from them, so whenever we wanted to go visit them we had to spend a whole day to drive to them, stay there for a week or two, and then spend another day to drive back home. At least after we move house, we'll be only 30 minutes away from them, so we'll be able to visit them very often and that's also great because it'll be easier to be with them for Christmas.

The new house we bought is still under construction and should be finished in two or three months. In the meantime, we'll have to live in a furnished rental property. I won't have my computer or Internet there (unless there's an Internet access there), so that means I'll be inactive during these two or three months. If I find a free wifi access point somewhere where I can often go, I could still be able to go on DA everyday to check my notifications, and since I'll be using my phone maybe I could write some short stories if I feel like it. But nothing is sure.

I'm still online on DA until December 15, then no comic or artwork will be coming out on my page until our new house is finished.
I'm currently working on a contest entry, so it'll probably the last thing I'll be posting on my page before I move house. Then I'll have to wait until our house is finished and all our stuff is set up before being able to post again.

With that said, thank you all for your attention, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)



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Alright. Time to unplug the computer, disconnect the Internet box, and take everything to the car. I hope I can find a free wifi access point while I'm moving house so I can check stuff out on DA in the meantime.
See you soon, everyone.
Just to go back on my previous status update where I said my Internet was going to be cut. I still have my Internet on for some reason. I guess it will only be cut when I'll disconnect my internet box, so that means I'll still have Internet until tomorrow afternoon if I'm not mistaken.
We thought that Internet would be cut after the call of our Internet access provider, but they called three hours ago and we still have Internet. So I guess they let us have Internet until we disconnect the box.


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Still alive. Read this to understand why there hasn't been any content on my page for a while:…
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I saw that. Long move, eh? I just noticed you were offline on Steam for 50 days or something, and thought I'd ask
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I'm in my new house already but I still don't have Internet, so that's why I haven't been able to go on Steam.
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