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The Delivery (Pt.1)
"William and Friends"
"The Delivery"
     It was the end of the morning in Minecraftia. At William's house, Mike, Ted, and Zef were sitting at the table in the living room. Mike is checking his rifle and his ammos, Ted is reading a book to pass time, and Zef is eating cookies. It was pretty quiet between the three until they heard a door open. They turned their head and saw William coming out of the bedroom, messy hair and yawning. He had overslept, though the mercenary and the zombie brothers couldn't blame him, he went to bed late last night since he wanted to finish reading a book before going to bed.
     "Hey William," Mike said, greeting him.
     "Hey Mike," William answered in a tired voice, smiling at him. "Hey you two," he said looking at Ted and Zef. The two zombie smiled at him.
     "Hey William," said Ted.
     "Hi!" Zef said with a grin, waving his arm.
     "What time is it?" asked
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Can You Hear the TNT Tonight?
"William and Friends"
"Can You Hear the TNT Tonight?"
    It was the beginning of the afternoon in Minecraftia and it was a calm day so far at William's house. Ted and Zef were in front of the house playing rock paper scissors. So far, Ted was winning, much to Zef's sadness.
    "Aww Ted, how do you keep winning all the time?" asked Zef.
    Ted chuckled and said with a smile, "You always pick rock. No wonder I always get a pretty good idea how to beat you at this game. Try picking paper or scissors sometimes."
    "But I love picking rock! It reminds me of the time we used to live in caves at daytime before we met William. It wasn't always comfortable but I loved exploring caves. Even if it was scary inside..." Zef said shivering at the last sentence. Ted chuckled at his reaction.
    "Well, my dear brother, if you want I can ask William if the whole group can go explore some of the caves that are spread around in the forest when we'll
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One Last Chance ch. 9
Chapter 9
    “At least now… I’m not alone…”
    Jean shook a little bit. That last line he heard from that strange dream he had earlier, while he blacked out, still echoed in his head. It was traumatic to black out and experience that dream, but to wake up and find himself in the hospital after that was even more frightening.
    He let out a sigh. As he exhaled, Jean managed to stop shaking a bit.
    ‘I gotta pull myself together. Today wasn’t the best…’ he thought.
    “Jean, you okay?” he heard someone ask him.
    Jean turned around to see that Knuckles was giving him a concerned look.
    “Y-Yeah. I’m fine,” said Jean.
    “You sure? Kate told me that you blacked out today. You
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TWD: Another Story-Episode 5: No Time Left Part 3
Episode 5: No Time Left
Part 3

The group went through the hole that they did on the wall from the attic. Now they were in other house in a room. When they entered, something surprised them.
There was a double bed with the corpses of a couple holding hands, one had a gun on his other hand. The group understood that they had committed suicide. Omid and Christa hugged each other and watched the death couple feeling bad for them.
“Oh God…” Alex said looking at the death couple with sadness.
“Smart. Think of all the people we've seen go… They got to do it their own way. Together.” Lee said looking at the death couple with sorrow.
“Don't you say that.” Kenny said looking down with some sadness. “You stick it out as long as you can. You do whatever you have to. I could've done more.”
“I know you would. We could've have done more, all of us.” Kevin said.
“I could've been a better husband… a better father
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Zef and the Chicken by MineBooff Zef and the Chicken :iconminebooff:MineBooff 2 3
TWD: Another Story-Episode 5: No Time Left Part 2
Episode 5: No Time Left
Part 2

Everyone entered to the mansion and closed the door to prevent the undeads to enter. They were on the kitchen.
“They shouldn't be able to get into the backyard, right?” Kenny asked but suddenly was something collapsing outside. “Maybe not.”
“We can secure this place! We have to do it fast!” Alex said.
“Christa! Get on the windows in the front room. Check the boards. Kenny! Look for weapons! Gather anything you can find! Ben! Move anything you can up against the doors and windows. Alex! Kill anything that gets in!” Lee said.
The four of them nodded and went to do their tasks. Lee was going to give Kevin and Omid more tasks, but he was confused to see them shocked by something. The two of them ran quickly towards the front doors of the house, where some walkers were trying to enter. The others noticed that and quickly went to help them and tried to close the doors, but the hands of the walkers didn't le
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Zef (redraw) by emeraldcat101 Zef (redraw) :iconemeraldcat101:emeraldcat101 3 11 Ted by emeraldcat101 Ted :iconemeraldcat101:emeraldcat101 3 11
One Last Chance ch. 8
Chapter 8
    “He literally blacked out?! Is he okay!?” said Knuckles.
    “Yeah. Jean’s okay. We’re checking him out of the hospital right now,” said Kate. “We’ll be back later.”
    “Okay. Thank goodness that Jean’s okay. Anyway, when you get back, I’ll cook dinner. I’ll update you on what happened when the timing’s right,” said Knuckles.
    “Alright Knux. I’ll see you later. Bye. I love you,” said Kate.
    “Love you to. Bye Kate,” said Knuckles.
    Kate pulled her phone away from her ear and hit the button to end the call. She let out a sigh of relief and looked over at Jean. Her friend was still resting in bed, and he was nervous because he wasn’t used to the doctor checking on him. They wanted to check on Jea
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Hello visitors,

If you want to know more about me, I will introduce myself. I am 22 years old and I am French.
My main activity on deviantART is to create comics and wallpapers in the Minecraft dimension by using Mine-Imator and Paint.NET.
My comics are based on the themes of adventure, action, suspense and humor sometimes.

What is Mine-Imator?

It's a free to use program created by David Norgren that allows you to make Minecraft animations easier. I use them to make my wallpapers and my comics.

What is Paint.NET?

It's a free to use program that allows you to create or edit any art and image.

My closest friends:

:iconmariosonicfan16: :iconberry-o-pokemob: :iconseriblaze: :iconpyrovip:

My favorite ships:

Minecraft: Story Mode
M!Jesse/Petra stamp by StampsMCSM F!Jesse/Lukas stamp by StampsMCSM Haprep/Ivor stamp by StampsMCSM Ellie/Magnus stamp by StampsMCSM Maya/Aiden stamp by StampsMCSM Reuben/Benedict stamp by StampsMCSM Mevia X Hadrian stamp by StampsMCSM The Admin x Stella by StampsMCSM
The Walking Dead (Game Series)

LeeEverett  TheWalkingDead by SamThePenetrator X Carley  TheWalkingDead by SamThePenetrator
Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2
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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonamy stamp by migueruchan TailsXCream Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemist
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jack and sally stamp by gothicmermaid13 I support Wall-E  x EV-E by googlememan
Hey everyone!

I'd like to thank you all for your birthday wishes! They all made me really happy, so thank you all for your words! ^^

Also, I wanted to give you some news about how I've been doing and my current inactivity on DA.
So in my previous journal I said I finally moved into my new house and set my computer up, although I still didn't have Internet back then (I could only access Internet from my phone thanks to 3G and 4G).
Now I have Internet, but I'm facing another problem now: my computer is having graphical issues. After I set my computer back up when I moved in, I noticed that it seemed to run slower than before. And when I finally had Internet, I tried to open Mine-Imator but it refused saying that I needed to update my graphics drivers (which I did but it still didn't work). Not only that but my games' FPS seriously dropped to the point they become unplayable, and the Youtube videos' framerate have been affected as well on my computer.
That led me to conclusion that something happened to my computer's graphics card during the moving which causes all these problems, not to mention that the fact my computer is very old (it's on Windows Vista) doesn't help either. So my solution would be to buy a new computer, because I don't want to spend money just to repair a graphics cards, especially on an old computer. Plus, I've been wanting a new and more powerful gaming computer for a long time already, but I couldn't afford to buy one because I don't have enough money.
So I'm trying to find a job to earn money and be able to buy a new computer, and once it's done I'll be able to go back on Mine-Imator and work on my comics. In the meantime, my comics will be put on hold until I can afford myself to buy a new computer.
Don't worry though, to make up for the lack of activity on my page, I'll write some stories for my miniseries "William and Friends" and, who knows, maybe some other stories. The frequency of stories I'll post will depend on my motivation and my availability, so I can't tell when I'll post the next story. However, I'll try my best to submit a few stories to give a bit of content before I can get a new computer.

With that said, thank you all for understanding and I'll see you all soon in the next short story.

- Fighter33000


19 deviations
"William and Friends"

"The Delivery"

     It was the end of the morning in Minecraftia. At William's house, Mike, Ted, and Zef were sitting at the table in the living room. Mike is checking his rifle and his ammos, Ted is reading a book to pass time, and Zef is eating cookies. It was pretty quiet between the three until they heard a door open. They turned their head and saw William coming out of the bedroom, messy hair and yawning. He had overslept, though the mercenary and the zombie brothers couldn't blame him, he went to bed late last night since he wanted to finish reading a book before going to bed.

     "Hey William," Mike said, greeting him.

     "Hey Mike," William answered in a tired voice, smiling at him. "Hey you two," he said looking at Ted and Zef. The two zombie smiled at him.

     "Hey William," said Ted.

     "Hi!" Zef said with a grin, waving his arm.

     "What time is it?" asked William as he looked at the clock on the wall of the living room. It was past 11 AM. His eyes widened realising he had overslept. "What? It's past 11 AM already? I overslept! Damn me for reading books too late at night," he said chuckling with a hand on his face.

     "Your hair is a proof of it," Ted joked, pointing at his messy hair. William put a hand on his hair, understanding what Ted meant.

     "Heh, dammit," William chuckled and used both of his hands to fix them.

     "If I didn't know, I'd say you used one of Wilrus' TNTs to do your hair," joked Mike. Ted put a hand on his mouth to stop himself from bursting out into laughter at Mike's joke.

     "Oh, shut up!" William said with a chuckle as he finished fixing his hair.

     "I think it looked cool on you," Zef said with a grin. William chuckled, Zef would always compliment his friends even if something didn't look good on them.

     "Thanks Zef," said William with a smile. Zef grinned before going back to eating his cookie.

     William looked around the room and asked, "Speaking of Wilrus, where is he?".

     "He went outside an hour ago," said Mike.

     "Probably out blowing stuff up..." Ted added as he rolled his eyes. Mike nudged him. "Sorry..." Ted said looking down.

     Mike nodded to him as to say 'It's fine,' then looked back at William. "He'll probably be back soon," he said.

     As if on cue, the front door opened and revealed Wilrus coming in. He seemed like he was in a good mood. "Hey friendoes! I'm back! What did I miss?" he asked. He then noticed William. The eye-patched psychopath extended his arms out while bending his body a bit backward and said with a grin, "Heyyyy, Willy!! Finally up, bro'?".

     "As you can see. Hi Wilrus," William answered with a smile.

     "Heya, my dear bro'! Man, you look like you just woke up. You probably hadn't have a breakfast yet, you must be hungry!" Wilrus said, putting his hands on his hips. "Here, go and sit, bro! I'll bring ya something to eat," he added, making his way toward the chest.

     "Oh uh, you don't have to, Wilrus. I can go get something myself," said William.

     "I insist! You need some energy bro', especially after reading all these books like the nerd you are." said Wilrus as he started digging through the stuff inside the chest, looking for some food. "Told ya reading too much was bad for your health, you're offset on your sleep!". He continued searching and eventually pulled a bowl of rabbit stew out of the chest. "Ah, there we go!" he said with a grin, holding the stew in both hands like it was some sort of trophy. Mike and Ted raised an eyebrow at him, they found Wilrus's kind attitude suspicious.

     "Well, thanks Wilrus. I know I shouldn't have stayed up too late last night but y'know... that's what happen when you love a book," William said nervously as he took a sit at the table.

     "Eh, not gonna judge. Even if I think you're a huge nerd," Wilrus said mischeviously, making his way toward William. He set the bowl of rabbit stew down on the table in front of William. "Voila! Bon appetido!" he said as he went to take a sit next to his brother.

     William took a look at the stew, but grimaced as he noticed a green color on the meat and an unpleasant smell coming from the stew. It looked like it was in the chest for weeks and eventually had gone bad.

     "What's... that, Wilrus?" he asked with a grimace.

     "A rabbit stew, duh! What? You don't want it? Geez... For once I'm doing you a favor and you're gonna turn it away? Damn..." said Wilrus offended.

     "Oh no, I'm grateful for it but... it looks like it's... out-of-date..." said William carefully.

     "Geez, what's wrong with you? Fine! If you don't want it, I'll take it," Wilrus said taking the stew and starting to eat it himself. His brother and his friends all looked at him with a shocked and disgusted look, although Wilrus didn't seem to mind the taste or the smell.

     "Really, Wilrus...?" William said disgusted.

     "What?" Wilrus asked, still eating the stew.

     "Dude, that thing is expired... It's gonna turn your stomach upside down..." answered Mike.

     "So what? It's a reason to just throw it away and waste some food? Do you know how many people out there can't even afford to buy any food and would kill to get some?" said Wilrus.

     "I think they'd rather have something fresh to eat, instead of... an expired stew, Wilrus..." said William.

     "Ohhh, you're just a bunch of sissies!" Wilrus said, still eating the stew. William looked at Mike, the latter only shrugged in response.

     Brushing off the idea of Wilrus eating an expired rabbit stew, Ted remembered Wilrus's overly good mood from earlier. Finding it suspicious, he asked cautiously, "So Wilrus... you seemed quite happy when you came back here."

     "Let's just say things were good this morning," Wilrus answered without looking at Ted.

     "What? You blew stuff up? Burned someone's house? Or beaten someone to death?" Ted asked sarcastically. At this point, it was almost natural of him to criticize Wilrus's doings as the two never got along and always argued about any little thing. Although Ted wished he wouldn't have to do that, it was difficult because of Wilrus's behavior toward him and Zef.

     "Oh please, dead head... I was such in a good mood and now you're gonna ruin that for me? You suck!" Wilrus retorted, glaring at him. Ted only glared back.

     "Don't you start, you two!" William said, not wanting the two to start a fight again. Ted and Wilrus obeyed and immediately went quiet. William then rubbed his left ear. Mike looked at him worriedly.

     "How is your ear, dude?" he asked. It has been a week since the incident that had damaged his left ear. Wilrus had made a TNT cannon but the TNT went off and unfortunately William was the closest when the explosion occured. And while he wasn't injured, his left ear got damaged by the intense sound of the explosion. It turned out it was Bill, Stan, and Hans who stole one of Elliot's devices to activate the TNT from afar to try hurting the group. Mike and Ted, with the help of Elliot and Dave, found the three bullies and gave them a beating before recovering the device. William was lucky to not have lost his hearing, although the doctor told him to avoid any activities that involved loud noise to avoid damaging the ear even further.

     "A little better, it doesn't hurt as much as before. I still gotta be careful with noise though..." William said with a reassuring smile. "Speaking of which, I still have to deliver weapons and tools to the blacksmith at the market in a week. The order is not finished yet, but I can't go work on it because the anvil makes a lot of noise when using it..."

     "Well, if you want I can complete the order for you. I took some crafting lessons for weapons and tools in the past. Maybe I can help you with it," proposed Mike.

     "Really? You don't mind doing it?" asked William. Mike shook his head to say that he didn't mind doing the task. William smiled and said, "Thanks Mike. Though I think someone should help you so you can finish crafting everything faster." He looked at Wilrus and said, "Wilrus, can you help him?". Wilrus almost spat his stew out when he heard William ask him that. He didn't like blacksmithing, especially huge orders, as he finds that boring to do.

     "Why me? Why don't ask the two dead heads here? Let them do something useful for once!" he said pointing at Ted and Zef.

     "Screw you, Wilrus!" Ted retorted angrily.

     "Wilrus, cut it out!" William scolded. Wilrus only looked down with a glare, grumbling under his breath. "Besides, I remember dad teaching you how to craft weapons and tools when we were younger, so I know you have an experience with that," he continued before looking at Ted and Zef. "Unless maybe you two know how to craft all kind of weapons and tools?" he asked the two of them.

     "No, I don't know much about crating weapons or tools," said Ted with a shrug. "And even if I did, I don't see why I would help since I'm 'not useful'," he added angrily while glaring at Wilrus.

     "Wow, I'm sorry, okay? Geez... Why do you have to take everything I say so seriously?" Wilrus said annoyed. William shook his head and sighed before looking at Zef.

     "What about you, Zef?" he asked.

     "Well... I don't know how to craft all that..." Zef said sadly. However, his expression quickly changed into a happy one. "But I know how to make cookies!" he said with a goofy grin. William smiled and shook his head.

     "It's settled then, Wilrus. You and Mike will finish up the order and deliver it next week, and that's final," said William. Wilrus groaned in annoyance.

     "Fine, whatever..." Wilrus said before he finished eating his stew. He set the now-empty bowl down on the table and got up. "Let's just get this over with already. Let's go, Mikey!" he said before making his way toward the front door. His brother and friends just watched him as he went outside.

     "...Well, I guess I'll follow him and just get to crafting," Mike said as he got up from his chair.

     "Okay. Thanks again, Mike," said William smiling. He pulled out a document and handed it over to Mike. "Here, that's the list of everything needed in the order. Make sure to cross out everything you've done," he said. Mike took the document, read it quickly and put it in his inventory.

     "Alright Will, it'll be done," he said before making his way toward the front door.

     "I'll make sure to bring you cookies for your break!" Zef said as he watched Mike going through the door.

     Mike walked outside and closed the door behind. He turned his head to the left and saw Wilrus holding his stomach with a grimace on his face. He didn't look well.

     "Dude, you okay?" Mike asked worriedly.

     "Yeah... Wait, just a gimme a sec..." Wilrus said as he turned around, his back facing Mike. He bent down slightly, putting his hands on his knees. Suddenly, he threw up on the ground. Mike looked away in disgust as Wilrus kept throwing up. Looks like the expired rabbit stew has finally had its effect. After a few seconds, Wilrus had finished throwing up. "Ughhh... Ohh weird... Uhh weird..." he said weakly before wiping his mouth with his arm. He seemed better now that he was done.

     "Told ya it would happen," said Mike.

     "Eh, whatever. Let's just go do our thing already," Wilrus said as he walked away to William's workshop.

     Mike watched Wilrus walk away with a raised eyebrow. He looked at the puddle of puke for a second before shrugging and going to join Wilrus at the workshop.

     Mike and Wilrus got to work immediately, they started crafting all the weapons and tools needed. Everytime they were finished with something, Mike would cross it out on the list. They were doing well with the crafting, despite Wilrus's constant complaining and a little incident where Wilrus accidentally burned his left arm with an hot blade causing him to yell a lot of swear words and have a burning mark on the arm, and Mike did his best to treat his injury and bandaged his arm. During the few breaks they had, Zef would bring them cookies as he promised, and each time Mike and Wilrus would thank him (although Wilrus would always say it in a harsh and insulting way, but Zef didn't mind as he was used to it and besides he didn't want to be mad at him or anyone else). Finally, they were done at the end of the day. William thanked both Mike and Wilrus for their help and was relieved the order was ready to be delivered in a week.

     Another week has past and it was time for delivery, once again Mike offered to do the delivery himself as the it would take place in the market at Asgarnia where a large crowd of people will surely be gathered there. There will surely be a lot of talk and noise there, thus it won't be good for William's ear condition. Mike took all the weapons and tools in his inventory

     "Thank you for doing the delivery for me, Mike. With all these people talking at the market, it wouldn't do any good to my ear," said William as he rubbed his left ear.

     "No problem, man. Happy to help," said Mike with a smile. William smiled back at him.

     "However, I've heard news saying a group of bandits has been seen around attacking people coming through the forest. You'll have to be careful on your way to town and back to the house, I also think you should have someone coming with you just in case," said William. He looked at Wilrus who had his arms crossed and asked, "Wilrus, can you go with him?".

     "Sure thing! It'll be just me and the kid!" Wilrus said with a mischevious grin. He then took Mike in a headlock and started rubbing his fist on the mercenary's hair. "You and I are gonna have a drink just like last time, right Mikey?"

     Mike pulled out of the headlock with a groan, he rubbed his hair while giving Wilrus an annoyed look. "Dude, stop calling me a kid for Notch sake!" he said in annoyance. Wilrus put his arms up in surrender as a response.

     "Wow, sorry Mikey," said Wilrus, keeping a smirk on his lips. Mike only gave him an unamused look.

     "Wilrus, we've been clear on it. I don't want you to drink to the point you reach a state like you and Mike were like last time, okay?" warned William, reminding Wilrus the time where he and Mike went to drink at The Blue Moon and ended up in a challenge of which one could drink faste, causing the two of them to be in drunk state.

     "Besides I don't really feel up to drinking today. I'd rather try and get the ladies while I'm there. Hopefully, my charm will play in my favor today," said Mike with a smile.

     "Really, Mike? Damn... I was hoping you and I could have some fun again! But, eh, whatever," said Wilrus as he rolled his eyes.

     "I wanna come too! The baker will be there for sure, I bet he'll have cookies to sell!" Zef said as he jumped up and down in excitement.

     "Hehe, what? But we're making our own cookies now and you wanna buy some at the market?" William asked a bit amused.

     "I know but... the baker's ones are so good! I mean... ours are also good but... the baker's are very good!" said Zef in excitement. "Please, can I go? Pleaaase...?" he asked, while doing the puppy eyes to William. William chuckled at Zef's childish behavior.

     "Sure, you can go too. Well... only if your brother is okay with it," he said as he turned his head to Ted. The latter seemed worried and hesitant to let Zef go too since William mentioned bandits lurking in the area.

     "I don't know... You said there were bandits around, right?" Ted asked worriedly.

     "Oh Ted, please...! I really want to go..." pleaded Zef. Ted looked down and sighed in defeat, he was worried that something would happen to his brother, especially since Zef was already attacked numerous times by people who were wary of the innocent zombie or had bad intentions. However, he knew he couldn't shelter him either, it would be unfair for Zef and it would only make the latter sad to not be able to go out. He wished he could go too but he didn't want to leave William alone at the house in case Bill, Stan, and Hans would come back to cause more trouble to him.

     "Don't worry man, we'll keep him safe," Mike reassured him. 

     "Thanks Mike..." Ted said, giving a sad yet grateful smile.

     Zef smiled and began jumping up and down again. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Thank you Ted! I'm so excited!" exclaimed Zef with a goofy grin. Mike's reassuring words and Zef's optimism made Ted confident that his brother would come back okay and made him smile on the moment.

     "That's settled then. The guy you need to deliver is Sean Marsh, he'll be at the blacksmith booth. You'll be able to find it easily, there's not a lot of booths and it's the one with the sign that has a sword emblem on it," said William.

     "Alright," said Mike.

     "Good. We'll see you later, guys," said William with a smile.

     "See you later, William! See you later, Ted! Cookies, here I come!" Zef said happily as he raised his fist in the air, making the others (except Wilrus) chuckle. "Come on, let's go!" he added as he pulled on Mike's arm.

     "Well, see you guys later then," Mike said as Zef started dragging him away toward the forest.

     Wilrus watched the two walking away, he then looked at Ted. "Don't worry dead head, your lil' brother will be okay with us... kinda," he said with an evil grin. Ted crossed his arms and glared at him.

     "Wilrus. Just go," William ordered to avoid another argument between his brother and Ted.

     "Fine. See ya," said Wilrus as he went to follow Mike and Zef.

     Ted sighed sadly, hoping they wouldn't run into bandits as his brother would probably be vulnerable to attacks. William noticed his worrying expression and gave him a pat in the back to reassure him. "Don't worry, they'll be careful, and Mike and Wilrus will keep your brother safe if anything happens," reassured William.

     "I hope so..." said Ted sadly. William gave him a reassuring smile.

     "Come on, I'm gonna go farming. Wanna help me out?" asked William, hoping to keep Ted off the stress of his brother being away for a little while.

     "Sure," said Ted with a smile. With that said, both William and Ted headed to vegetable garden to get to farming while Mike, Wilrus, and Zef were off to town.

     Mike, Wilrus, and Zef made it to Asgarnia. They went to the market where Mike was able to find the blacksmith and gave him all the weapons and tools he and Wilrus made, in exchange the blacksmith paid him and thanked him. Following this, the group decided to stay in town and mind their own business for a bit. Zef was queuing at the baker's booth to buy cookies, while Wilrus was walking around and looking at every booths to try and find one who sells TNTs or any ingredients to make one. In the meantime, Mike came across Jessica and decided to stop to flirt with her again.

     "Why hello there, Jessica. You still have the same beautiful eyes as I remember, and yet I see you again all alone in town. Must be feelin' lonely if you ask me. It's okay, I can solve that feeling of loneliness for you. I can be with you until the very end," said Mike with a flirty smile. Jessica only rolled her eyes in annoyance.

     "I'm doing perfectly fine, I don't need you, big head. Besides, you're the one that is feeling lonely to me," said Jessica with an unamused look.

     Mike sighed and said, "You're right, I do feel lonely... So why can't we be lonely together?".

     Jessica looked behind Mike and noticed Wilrus standing there watching them with no expression on his face. She smirked and said, "Well, sorry big head. Looks like I was wrong, you're not really alone. Look behind you."

     "I do feel a gaze on my back... I knew it, ladies just can't help staring at my handsome look," said Mike with a smile. Jessica fought the urge to laugh as Mike turned around only to see Wilrus when he expected to see a woman instead. Wilrus comically grinned at him the moment Mike set eyes on him.

     "Gah! W-Wilrus, what the hell?!" shouted Mike as he clumsily jumped back, almost falling back. Jessica bursted out in laughter after seeing Mike's reaction. Mike noticed her laughing and felt embarrassed for reacting the way he did in front of her.

     "Damn Mikey, if you didn't know me, would you have tried to seduce me? Because, man, I would've definitely kissed ya," Wilrus said with a mischevious grin on his face, which made Jessica laugh even harder.

     "S-Shut up, man! Dammit...!" said Mike, glaring at him. After a few seconds, Jessica finally calmed down and stopped laughing. She wiped a tear from her eye.

     "Well, that was very 'manly' of you, big head," she said as she pushed her fist against Mike's arm.

     "Tch..." muttered Mike as he looked away in embarrassment.

     "Well, you made my day. I'll give you that. Good day, big head," said Jessica before walking away.

     Mike watched her leave and sighed sadly seeing that he had not only failed to seduce her once again but also embarrassed himself by jumping back in surprise after seeing Wilrus. He sent the latter a glare, angry that he interrupted him and embarrassed him in front of his crush.

     "Are you happy now? You ruined my chance to finally get her! I was so close!" Mike said angrily.

     "Oh come on, Mikey! Can't you see that I just helped you there?" said Wilrus.

     "What are you talking about?" asked Mike as he put a hand on his hip and raised an eyebrow.

     "Women love someone who can give them a good laugh and make their day better, and I just helped you do that. You should be thanking me for this!" said Wilrus.

     Mike sighed and mumbled, "Thanks, I guess...".

     "What was that? I didn't hear you there," Wilrus said as he extended his ear, pretending he didn't hear him.

     "Thanks, I guess!" Mike spoke a bit louder.

     "'Thanks, I guess'?" repeated Wilrus, still unsatisfied with the answer.

     Mike sighed in defeat and said, "Thank you for helping me, Wilrus..."

     "There you go! You're welcome, Mikey!" exclamed Wilrus, finally satisfied with the answer.

     "Yeah, yeah..." said Mike as he rolled his eyes. "Anyway, where is Zef?" he asked.

     "Eh, I don't know. Probably still trying to get his cookies. He better be quick because I don't have all day here, or else I swear I'm gonna bring him back home by the scruff of the neck," Wilrus said annoyed.

     As if on cue, they suddenly heard, "Guys guys!". The mercenary and the eyepatched psychopath turned their head and saw Zef running at them with a cake in his hands. "Guys! Look what I bought!" he said with a happy grin.

     "A cake? I thought you wanted cookies," said Mike as he raised an eyebrow.

     "I know but... it looked so yummy! So I bought it," said Zef. "I didn't have enough emeralds to buy me cookies with it though..." he added, his smile disappearing for a bit before it suddenly returned. "But at least I got the cake! Yum!" he said as he licked his lips. Mike smiled at him while Wilrus just rolled his eyes.

     "Whatever, dead head. Let's just go back home now," Wilrus said as he started walking away.

     Zef watched Wilrus leave for a few seconds. Mike thought for a second Zef felt hurt that Wilrus didn't care about him buying a cake but he was surprised when Zef simply said, "Okay!" without feeling hurt or mad before running to catch up with Wilrus. Mike was a bit surprised that Zef never felt upset or mad at Wilrus for anything rude he says to him, but he knew him for a while now and he knew Zef didn't want to be mad at people no matter their deeds and just wanted to be friends with everyone. Mike shrugged and went to follow the two back to the house.

     Mike, Wilrus, and Zef left Asgarnia and were now in the forest walking back to their house. While they were walking, the trio were having a conversation.

     "Man, this market sucked! I looked around booths and none of them sells a single TNT. No fun at all..." complained Wilrus.

     "The King forbids the sale of TNTs to avoid criminals or griefers causing explosions everywhere," said Mike.

     "Psh... That's why you can't have any fun with governments around..." muttered Wilrus.

     "They had cakes though," said Zef with a goofy smile.

     "Good for you, dead head. I don't care," said Wilrus with an unamused look.

     "I'm not a big fan of rules, mainly because I love freedom outside of laws, but I wouldn't to walk into a place with explosions all over the place," said Mike.

     "But it would be fun! The joy of explosions, the adrenaline you get in TNT fights and kicking butts! There's nothing better to make you feel alive in this dead world!" said Wilrus with an evil grin.

     "But I don't feel any of that with TNT. Explosions scare me and it hurts people, I don't like it..." said Zef with a sad look.

     "Tch... None of you are fun..." said Wilrus as he rolled his eyes.

     "Well, sorry for wanting to stay alive, dude. There are still plenty of ladies waiting for me out there," said Mike.

     "...How do you get girls to like you?" Zef asked innocently.

     "Ah, that's a secret only a ladies' man like me knows. Sorry Zef," said Mike.

     "Awww..." said Zef disappointed.

     "Bwahahaha! Trust me, dead head, listen to this guy and all you'll get is a punch in the face. Right, Mikey?" teased Wilrus.

     "Hey, not my fault! Ladies are just overwhelmed by my charm and gentleman's manners. One day, Lady Luck will give me a chance," said Mike.

     "Yeah, when you'll be eighty maybe," joked Wilrus.

     "Ha. Ha. Very funny, dude," said Mike sarcastically.

     As they walked, they suddenly heard a ruffling sound coming from a nearby bush. The trio stopped and quickly turned their head to the bush. Mike quickly pulled out his rifle and aimed it at the bush.

     "Whoever you are, show yourself or I'll shoot!" he threatened.

     The bush only kept moving around. Mike's grip tightened on his rifle, his eyes squinted and his teeth gritted. He was ready to pull the trigger at any moment. After a few seconds, something came out of the bush... It was a rabbit. It looked at Mike, Wilrus, and Zef with curiosity and distrust. Mike lowered his rifle and sighed, relieved that it was no threat to them.

     "A rabbit! I love rabbits!" said Zef excitedly. He started to make his way toward the rabbit to pet it, but the animal got spooked and started hopping away. "No wait! I just wanna pet you!" said Zef before he started running after the rabbit. However, Zef tripped and landed face first in the ground. "Ow!" he said as he hit the ground.

     Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming near him. He slowly looked up and he saw, standing right in front of him, a man with a brown and black hooded-jacket and a black scarf covering his face. He had an iron sword in his hand and was looking down at Zef with a menacing glare.

     "Uh... Hi...?" said Zef with a nervous smile. The man growled in response and took a step forward toward him. "Ahh!" Zef screamed in panic. He quickly crawled away on his back before he got up and ran to hide behind Mike. The mercenary aimed his rifle at the man.

     "Don't move! One more step and you're dead!" threatened Mike. The man stood there, unfazed by Mike's threat. He let out an ominous chuckle which sent a chill down Mike's and Zef's spine. Wilrus was the only one unfazed by his chuckle.

     "I would put the rifle down if I were you..." the man said in a threatening tone.

     "Or else what?" asked Mike, still keeping his rifle aimed at the stranger.

     Suddenly, other men armed with iron and stone swords and bows came out of nearby bushes and trees and surrounded the trio. Bandits... There seemed to be about twenty of them.

     "Dammit..." muttered Mike as he lowered his rifle, having no other choices. The bandit that Zef saw first let out a evil chuckle and took a few steps toward the trio before stopping a few meters away from them. He seemed to be the leader of the bandits.

     "Not your lucky day today," said the bandit in a mocking tone. He looked at Zef and said, "A zombie? It's daytime, why aren't you burning? Whatever. The rotten flesh you'll leave after your death will be a nice trophy." Zef gulped as he stayed hidden behind Mike.

     "You're not touching him, okay?" said Mike in a threatening tone. The bandit only chuckled at his threatening words.

     "You're in no position to threathen me, kid," said the bandit. Mike did his best to not lose his cool after he said that, he hated being called a 'kid'. "My, what a catch. Mordius will be pleased with this capture," the bandit said proudly. The name this bandit had mentioned caught the trio's attention.

     "Mordius?" asked Mike. Back when Herobrine was still alive, they remembered meeting a bandit leader named Mordius. It was actually when Mike first met William, Ted, and Zef. The three of them were attacked by Mordius and his group of bandits who told them to hand over everything they had. Mike came across the situation and killed a few bandits, forcing Mordius and the surviving bandits to flee and thus saving William, Ted, and Zef. Later, Wilrus, who was recruited in Herobrine's forces back then and was following William for revenge, had came across the same group of bandits and after Mordius' men attacked him, Wilrus managed to kill the remaining bandits, only leaving Mordius alive, and allowed him to flee after he provided him info on his brother.

     'Does this mean that he's back with more men and is the leader of the bandits whom William said were causing troubles around here?' thought Mike.

     "You and the guy with the eyepatch will make a perfect bargaining chip for a ransom, along with all the people we've captured," said the bandit.

     'Wait, he's got other people as hostages?' thought Mike, his eyes widening.

     "Well, except for the zombie here. We can't keep him or else he'll cause trouble. We'll have to slay him," said the bandit, giving a cold stare at Zef.

     "N-No p-p-please... I don't want to die...!" begged a frightened and shaking Zef.

     "Wow, the zombie is talking? Weird..." said one of the bandits.

     "Shut up!" the bandit leader scolded him. The bandit immediately obeyed in fear of being slained right on the spot if he dared talking more.

     "I already told you, you're not touching him!" threatened Mike angrily. He made a promise to Ted that he would bring Zef back safe and unscathed, he would never let anyone hurt him.

     "Oh really?" taunted the bandit leader.

     "Yeah!" Mike said, defying the bandit.

     At this point, Wilrus sensed that Mike was about to recklessly shoot the bandit leader, which would immediately get the three of them killed. So he decided to speak up before things could escalate.

     "Wow wow wow there. Just hold on a second, would ya?" said Wilrus, raising his arms up a bit as to ask them to calm down. "Look, why can't we just talk this through, huh? We're all reasonable human beings, right?"

     "Wilrus?" asked Mike, shocked to see him act like this. Wilrus ignored him and continued to talk.

     "Tell me, uhhh... sir! Do you like making deals? I like making deals! How about it, huh? Want to have something in exchange," proposed Wilrus.

     Mike just stood there in shock. Wilrus, a psychopath who is usually murderous, violent and short-tempered, trying to reason with the bandits? It almost felt impossible and Mike was wondering if he wasn't just imagining things right now. Zef also seemed surprised by Wilrus' words. In any cases, it seemed to have caught the bandit leader's interest.

     "Hmm... I'm listening..." said the bandit, raising an eyebrow.

     "We just made a delivery and got a lot of emeralds from it, I even have some diamonds on me. How about that? We give you all that and you let us go, we'll consider we never saw you guys and just go on with our lives," proposed Wilrus. "Heck, if that's not enough you can also have my friend's rifle here," he added, pointing at Mike's rifle.

     "Wow, what?!" said Mike as his eyes widened.

     The bandit thought for a second, then said, "Alright, you convinced me. Just throw all your emeralds and diamonds on the ground and we'll let you go. We'll take the rifle too, Mordius will surely love having it."

     "What? Are you serious? No way, I'm not giving up my rifle, man!" said Mike with a glare, his grip tightening on his rifle.

     "Come on Mikey, can't you see these guys here? They're gonna kill Zef and take us or kill us all if we don't do what they say," said Wilrus. "So come on, Mikey... Just do it..." he added calmly.

     Mike wondered if he was serious right now or if it was even Wilrus himself right now, he never expected him to say something rational. He looked at his rifle sadly. As much as he didn't want to give it up, he had to listen to what Wilrus said if he wanted to get out of this alive. He sighed in defeat and said, "Fine...".

     "Good, just throw everything on the ground and then you can leave," the bandit said with a smirk. Wilrus and Mike did as they were told and threw all the emeralds and diamonds they had on them on the ground. Zef didn't have anything, except for the cake he bought.

     "Do I have to give the cake too?" asked Zef as he pulled the cake out.

     "Yes. Just throw it on the ground," answered the bandit with a smirk. Zef looked at the cake sadly before he threw it on the ground with the rest of the stuff. The bandit leader looked at all the stuff they threw, however he noticed something was missing.

     "There's something missing... The rifle," said the bandit while looking at Mike. The latter was still hesitating to give it up. Mike looked at Wilrus who motioned him to just throw it, than back at the rifle. He sighed and whispered so nobody could hear him, "Well... Looks like we're going our separate ways, my beauty... After all these years... You were good and you'll always be... I'll miss ya... Goodbye...". He finally threw it on the ground with the rest of the stuff.

     The bandit leader grinned evilly, looking at all the emeralds and diamonds, along with the Zef's cake and Mike's rifle on the ground. The other bandits let down their guard a bit as they stared at the loot.

     "Hahaha! Excellent! Mordius will be plea-" the bandit leader was interrupted as he was suddenly hit in the chest with an iron axe. He let out a choked painful cry as he fell on his knees, both of his hands holding the axe that was plunged in his chest.

     Mike, Zef, and the other bandits watched in shock and surprise as the bandit leader's body fell foward face first on the ground. His body despawned, leaving only his inventory on the grass. The one who had thrown the axe was none other than Wilrus. He pulled out two other iron axes and threw them at two other bandits who were armed with bows, killing them instantly. Finally, using the confusion of the moment, he pulled out his diamond axe.

     "AAAAARRRGH!! COME AT ME, BUNCHA SISSIES!" screamed Wilrus, charging at the bandits before they could even react.

     Mike stood there completely shocked after witnessing Wilrus' sudden attack, but he came back to his senses and quickly grabbed his rifle on the ground to shoot bandits who were trying to fight back and if they got too close he would stab them with the bayonet on his rifle. While Mike and Wilrus were fighting off the bandits, Zef ran to hide inside a bush and waited for the fight to end.
The bandits continued to attack Mike and Wilrus, but both were extremely quick, not to mention Wilrus' moves were unpredictable and Mike never missed his mark. One bandit attempted to grab the emeralds and diamonds on the grass and run, but Mike shot him in the head before he could do so. However, another bandit used this moment of distraction to tackle him to the ground. The bandit wrapped his hands around the mercenary's neck and began to strangle him. Suddenly, the bandit was hit hard in the back of the head, knocking him out and causing him to fall on top of Mike. The latter pushed the unconscious bandit off of him and looked up to see Zef standing there with a stick in the hands, he was shaking and had a terrified expression on his face. The innocent zombie had seen his friend in danger and had came out of his hiding spot to save him. Surprised but thankful that Zef had saved him, Mike smiled and nodded at him to thank him before killing the unconscious bandit.

     After a few more seconds, Wilrus finished off the remaining bandits. He, Mike and Zef looked around to see if there was any more bandits but there was no one else in sight, the only things left were the inventories of the deceased bandits on the ground.

     "Looks like we got 'em all," said Mike.

     Wilrus put his diamond axe back in his inventory and stretched his arms out before saying, "Mmmm, nothing but a good fight to feel alive!". Mike only shrugged and picked up the emeralds and the diamonds they had thrown on the ground, while Wilrus picked up the inventories of all deceased bandits. Zef, on the other hands, went to pick up his cake on the ground.

     "Man, this fight just made me even more hungry," said Zef as he licked his lips while staring at the cake in his hands.

     "Hey Zef, thank you for saving my skin before," said Mike grateful.

     "No problem, Mike!" said Zef with a goofy grin. Mike smiled at him.

     Wilrus had finished collecting all the inventories and walked back toward Mike and Zef. Mike looked at him and said, "Man, I surely didn't expect you to do that before. Nice!".

     "Why thank you, Mikey! I needed to make these idiots lay their guard down. And how do you do that? Give a bunch of valuable stuff for them to look at! Ha! Buncha greedy blockheads they are," said Wilrus with a smug smile.

     "Well, it surely worked. Even I fell for it, man. You had me worried when you told me to hand over my rifle," said Mike.

     "Yeah, I had to make it look convincing to fool these idiots. Plus, it was fun to watch you be scared of letting go of your rifle," said Wilrus smugly.

     "Ha ha," Mike laughed sarcastically.

     "Oh here, take a look at this! I got that from one of those blockheads' inventories." Wilrus said as he pulled out some sort of map from his inventory. He handed it over to Mike who took it and began reading it.

     "A map?" asked Zef in curiosity.
     While reading the map, Mike recognized the forest they were in, Asgarnia and a few other towns and villages around. There were also arrows marked on the map which Mike assumed were here to show the paths that travellers often take. Then something caught his attention: there was a red cross marked on a spot of the forest to the west of Asgarnia. "There's a cross marked on the map," he said.

     "A cross? For what?" asked Zef intrigued.

     "A treasure or a chest full of TNTs?" said Wilrus with a mischevious smile.

     Mike looked closely and saw a writing near the cross. He read it and said, "'Hideout'... Looks like that's where they're hiding." Then he just remembered something the bandit leader said earlier. "Wait a minute, that guy said they already had people as hostages. If that's the case, then... maybe that's where they're keeping them as prisoners!" he said in sudden realization.

     "Boyyyyy... And didn't he talked about this guy, what's his name... Mordius?" asked Wilrus.

     "Yeah. You know him?" asked Mike.

     "Yeah, I came across him and his gang of sissies when I was looking for my brother back when I was in Herobrine's army. They tried to get the jump on me and I destroyed them all, except for that Mordius guy since he gave me info on my brother," explained Wilrus.

     "We met him too. It was actually back when I met William, Ted, and Zef for the first time. I was travelling on my way to Carnas when I saw Mordius and his group of bandits surrounding them. I shot a few of them and forced them to retreat," said Mike.

     "Oh, I remember him too! Wasn't he the bald one with the scar across the eye?" asked Zef.

     "Yeah, that was him," said Mike.

     "He was scary..." said Zef, shivering in fear.

     "Heck yeah, the scarfaced egghead is back! Woo! I'm SO gonna have my fun with him when I find him!" Wilrus said with a mischevious grin as he raised his fist in the air. Mike only gave him a weird look and shrugged.

     "Hmm... We better go tell William about this," said Mike as he put the map in his inventory.

     "Yeah... These poor people... Why did these mean people do that?" said Zef feeling bad for the people that were captured.

     "For money obviously. People are ready to make horrible things to get their hands on that..." Mike explaining, trailing off at the last sentence. He knew something about it since he is a mercenary himself, he had killed a lot of people in the past for money and once for revenge. He felt bad for the families of his victims if they had one, although he was just doing his job and completing contracts but that didn't mean he didn't show any sympathy for them. He knew how it felt to lose people close to you, it's the same feeling he got when he lost all of his friends of the Saika clan after Neo Ashi, who ruled the eastern of the land before his death, had ordered his army to destroy the village to prevent them from becoming a threat to his kingdom, leaving nothing but flames and ashes.

     "That's horrible..." said Zef sadly.

     "Yeah... Anyway, let's go back home and tell William about this..." said Mike as he started walking on the way to William's house. Wilrus and Zef went to follow him. Unknown to them, one of the bandits, who had slipped away from the fight before, was watching them from behind a tree and had listened to the whole conversation.

     'Crap, they know the location of our hideout! I have to warn Mordius about this,' thought the bandit, before he turned around and ran to inform his boss about the situation.

To be continued...
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